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  1. M.W.


    Dude you want to call out others based on intelligence? You are by own admission a former trucker with hardly any formal education and, apparently, not much accumulated street smartness either. You can't even properly quote someone on an internet forum.

    So, based on your life choices and wisdom about moral values and living an ethical and law abiding life style you are exactly where in your life journey? Because I don't quite see how the lifestyle that you promote leads to a satisfactory life lived.

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  2. %%
    Good rebuke+ good points.
    Dave [REALTOR]Ramsey never scolded anyone for debt /on real estates/home anyway.
    "Clueless about whole life??LOL'' Sounds like Mr Ramsey simply much prefers the better % gains of term insurance + mutual funds/ETFs:D:D
    I could see where some that dont have good savings +investing habits could use inferior gains of whole life...........
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  3. mikeriley


    I will not go as far to make the same clueless assumptions you are making.
    I acquired a BS in business from Prairie View University over 30 years ago.
    What is it with your dislike of truckers? LOL I ran a BUSINESS as an
    over-the-road trucker. I think I hit a cord, when I stated you have no idea
    what it means to run a business, nor any knowledge concerning insurance.

    By the way M.W. my driving a truck paid for both of my daughters

    Can't wait to read your next assumption.

    EDIT: I forgot to address the most important thing,
    I've been killing it the past 2 years with NQ and GOLD
    futures, and helping family and friends do the same.

    Humble yourself, and I "might" show you how you can
    make real money M.W. (grin)
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  4. SunTrader


    Guess when the tax bracket you are in is lower than a street curb you get all high, mighty and righteous. :D Those are the folks the rest of us really have to watch out for. Or those north of the border have to.
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  5. M.W.


    Living a righteous life and being moral and ethical even at personal expense should not be special but the standard most ought to aspire to. Sadly, a lot of folks can't even spell ethics. Either low education or selfish life choices that are always aimed at maximizing self benefit at the expense of everyone else. What a sad way to live life.

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  6. mikeriley


    I promise you AFTER I buy the craft in the below picture, I'll change
    my ways and adopt your self-righteous perspective concerning other people.

    Until then..carry on.

    PERSHING 9X.png
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  7. SunTrader


    But you do it so well. And righteous too. Uh huh.

    Must be why you do so much research and not trade. Can't bear the thought of taking someone else's money.
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  8. newwurldmn


    It’s still a straw man argument. You stated that anyone with a finance understanding would know that life insurance is a bad investment for other than it’s intent.

    I should that’s not correct. And now you are talking about morality.

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  9. newwurldmn


    While denigrating you on producing for the economy and for your family, M.W. is talking about the morality of life insurance wrappers!

    traders are the worst people - especially those who engage in financial virtue signaling.
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  10. mikeriley


    Hi newwurldmn,

    I appreciate your comments.

    And if M.W. reads this, I want him or her to know, I hold
    no ill-will towards them. Quite frankly, I've experienced
    too much in life, both good and bad to take another
    person's opinion personal.

    I wish M.W. and every trader/investor on these Forums
    all the best and continued success.
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