Do your guys believe Dow will go to 15000 this year

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PivoTTurner, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. because of FED's wish?

    any idea?
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    I heard 14500 today.

    Im sure they will do everything possible to close it above 14k by the end of 2007.
  3. It is really great market. super bull market forever. I hope Oil to 120 soon. gold 1000. Dow 15000. all happen except bears.
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    I doubt it breaks resistence, cuts should have limited impact from now on
  5. I am sure it will pass 15k by end of October. Or you will hear more whining from Wall Street.
  6. wooow, wall street is always like a dog? cryinggggggggggggggg for more money, easy money!!!

    forget the recession, let us all enjoy another biggest credit bubble for another biggest market bubble.

    I do believe dow will surpass 15000 then 20000 at the mid of next year.

    it is forever up up up.................................... bullshit.
  7. Dow is much more likely to go to 12000 than 15000 this year. This Fed meeting was one of the most anticipated Fed meetings in history, one of the most anticipated cuts in history (although most expected 25bp). All the bullishness is here, its going to be hard to find greater fools willing to buy at nosebleed levels. Institutions are dumb, but not that dumb.
  8. Yes, DOW will hit 15,000. And probably by Xmas.

    Equities are cheap historically, and compared to other assets. The P/E ratio of US stocks are too good to pass up.

    What's the alternative asset to buy? Oil? Wheat and other softs? Gold? Nah.

    Buy the dips. The best three words of advice you'll ever get.
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    ha ha ha! the fed's wish, what is the fed? some spoiled child? If and when we have a recession and I think we shall as a sure thing, we'd go back down, and down......
  10. what is the fed? the fed is from the the political's family. the fed is from a manipualted group. more the fed is from a fake name.
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