Do you yell and scream at the computer if you do a bad trade?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by profitplay, Jun 6, 2006.

Do you yell and scream at the computer if you do a bad trade?

  1. YES, I yell and scream at the computer if I a bad trade

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  2. NO, I stay calm and quite

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  1. Do you yell and scream at the computer if you do a bad trade?
  2. Depends on what you mean by "bad trade".

    Do you mean a trade that is part of your system that goes against you and is a natural occurence because trades will go against you a certain percentage of a time, because that is natural market activity....

    Or are you speaking of if you take on too great of a position, or fail to get out of a trade when you know you should or take profits when you know you should.

    There should be almost no bad trades. If you are screaming and yelling at trades that go against you and it is part of your system, I don't see how far that person would go in trading.

    I've had days where I moved up 100 or 200 more shares than I felt I have should at a few of those days it has cost me by the end of the day, but have never gotten mad. I did have a trade I let move 10 more cents against me once, I was pissed off and stopped trading, only to realize if I held on for about 5 more seconds I would have made money on that trade, but I still ended the day up, so it was ok.

    I'm personally just jamming to music and get in and get out, simple as that.

    So I voted no.
  3. if you scream and yell at the computer when you make a bad trade you may have some maturity problems.
  4. I stay calm and quite, I was just curious about others.
  5. JORGE


    I guess I'm still pretty immature, because I've already told at least 3 different stocks to F**K OFF today.
  6. I just curse under my breath.

    My favorite is: Mother F-er.
  7. mnx


    if you're not yelling and screaming at some point then you must trading too small... ;)

  8. I used to yell and scream at my computer everyday when trading futures - then that one day happened......

    IT YELLED BACK! :eek:

    I have never yelled at my computer again. :)
  9. really. are you playing a game or running a professional business? imagine that you manage opm. imagine your largest client is sitting next to you. you make a bad trade and start screaming like a child and cursing at the computer. what do you think your client will think of you?
  10. I've heard stories of people throwing keyboards and stuff in real hedge funds. I'm sure those are high ranking traders to get away with it.

    To each his own. I wonder if people like Soros used to throw their computers out their window.

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