Do You Wish to Lease Office Space?

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    I am part-owner of a 6,500 sq. ft. office building in a suburb of Cincinnati called Blue Ash. Currently a significant portion of the building is unoccupied. I am active in the stock market and looking for traders/investors in the Cincinnati area that would like to get out of the house and come to an office each day. Ideally, I would assemble a group of like minded people where the relationship would be mutually beneficial (and I would lease a portion of the building).

    I don't believe that I could assemble enough people to fill the entire structure, but if I could get 3 or 4 people it might be beneficial to partition a portion of the space. Please respond to this post if you have any interest.

    Thank you.
  2. What this boils down to is, "I need tenants for my building"...
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    No Thanks. I already have the DVD and watched it like a thousand times.
  4. :D

    I have the sequel "The Rent is Late"
  5. I think it is more along the lines of ''I would like to have 3-4 trader to both pay the rent AND teach me how to trade.''.
  6. Start an investment club, collect monthly dues and meet there.
  7. so true.

    Someone with one post making a request like this usually falls into the shill or business seeker.

    Notice it didn't say "I will donate the office space for this venture." All the benefits seemed to accrue to the poster.
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    I'm offering office space. Pretty simple. I'm not giving it away. It costs money to maintain, property taxes, etc. This is a simply an offer for traders to lease office space. The rate is less than comparable properties in the area. Any interested parties can respond (or not).
  9. No, you are trying to run a freebie ad so you can avoid advertising $$$
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    Why be so hard on the guy?
    He posted under the classified section. It is not a crime.

    The only fault I found is he did not put in the subject "suburb of Cincinnati called Blue Ash".

    If he really want to make it a go, he should furnish the space, install the T-1, phones, CNBC, and rent out the cubicles/office by the month.
    (not that I watch CNBC, but I understand the crowd do.)

    He can retain the right to the hotdog stand.

    Assembling a small group out of the blue is remote. (pun?)
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