Do You Want To Run 4 or 6 Monitors?

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  1. Do you have a new trading rig? Want to save some $$ on high-quality video cards for trading?

    I have a few Nvidia Quadro NVS 295, dualhead, PCIEx16s for sale. These are the same cards I use in my own multi-monitor trading rig.

    Some 295s were made with 256MB VRAM.... others are 512MB. Why the difference? Not sure. Perhaps had something to do with video requirements for Vista Aero. Both Vista and these cards hit the market about the same time... and Nvidia perhaps wasn't sure intitially how much VRAM they should put on these cards.

    The cards I have for sale are of the 512MB variety.

    11.2 GB/s throughput.

    Only 23W per card... passive cooling (no noisy fans)

    Each card supports 2, monitors... up to 2560x1600 DVI, each. (1920x1200 if DVI-DP adapter is used)

    "Best in Class Display"... Display Mate.

    High quality DVI-DP adapters.. the better ones have "++" as part of the logo.... as do these.

    If your mobo has 2, PCIEx16 slots, you could use 2 of these cards to run 4 monitors. If your mobo has 3-4 x16 slots, you could use 3 of these cards to run 6 monitors.

    NVS 295s are $125-$160, each...retail if new.

    $100.00 for 2 cards, shipping included.
    $145.00 for 3 cards, shipping included.

    PM please if interested.
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