Do You Want To Run 4 or 6 Monitors?

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  1. I have one set of Nvidia Quadro NVS dualhead, workstation video cards for sale....

    1. Quadro NVS 290, PCIEx16, 256MB RAM
    2. (2) Quadro NVS 285, PCIEx16, 128MB RAM
    3. Quadro NVS 285, PCIEx1, 128MB RAM

    All are passively cooled, no noisy fans
    Half-height cards to fit any size computer case
    6.4 GB/s bandwidth
    1920x1200 max resolution in DVI
    DMS59 DVI cables included
    SFF brackets can be installed, if desired

    I've used various combinations of these cards. They're all lightly used, work perfectly and are compatible with each other. High quality display... Display Mate's, "Best In Class".

    Driver available for XP, Vista, W7.

    You can have any 2 or any 3 of these cards, but I want to discuss your mobo before you buy.... to be sure they will work in your rig. (If your mobo has "onboard video", it's less likely they will work.) I'll assist setup over the phone, if necessary.

    $50.00 for 2 cards, $70.00 for 3 cards... shipping included.

    PM if interested..
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    I may be interested. I know you are not quiting the trading biz. Why are you getting rid of them? If you have replaced them with new NVS 295s, then what caused you to upgrade?
  3. I got a new rig for trading with 295 cards is all.. so I have a spare set to sell.

    I've mixed the 295, 290, 285s... all work together... all work the same. No performance difference between 295 and 285 in trading environment.
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    Definitely sounds like a great deal. I'm in the process of shopping around for a new trading computer. Depending on whether it comes with the NVS cards that I need, I may be reaching out to you regarding the cards. I need to decide on the computer first though.
  5. For a trading computer, look for something with an X38 or X58 mobo... or a gamer board... with 2-4, PCIEx16 slots or 2, PCIEx16 and one or more PCIEx4 or PCIEx8 slots...
  6. Any links for buying these online.

  7. HP xw4600 and Dell T3400 have x38 mobos and are equivalent.

    HP Z400 and Dell T3500 have x58, and are equivalent. (Base Z400 has W3520 Xeon CPU as base... W3520 on T3500 is an upgrade.)

    Dells have almost always been a few $Hundred less than HP.. Best deals are usually on Dell Outlet.
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  9. What's the brand name of that x1 card and what's the min slot you can get it to run in? Just curious...
  10. PNY. If you said you didn't have an x4 or an x8 slot on your mobo, I wouldn't let you buy it.
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