Do you want to invest in very successful Carlyle Group ?

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    first off, it says that private equity groups buy companies for less than they are worth and sell them at an absurd profit. Whoever said that is ignorant.

    It says that they are what? the 10th or 11th largets defense contracter? After fifteen years that wouldn't be unusual. You could easily raise a 1,2 or 3 billion dollars with the right people. Multiply that by 2 funds and you have a large market share. It is fair to accuse them of unfair influence, but you guys sound like paranoid freaks the way they you talk about it

    Not all private equity funds are based in NY. Dumbass comment.

    George Bush Sr. settled on South Korea for investment? Yeah right. The IMF advocated positions of because of Carlyle? This is another wacky idea.

    Right now they are talking about the Crusader System, a system that the Bush administration killed. Specifically, they killed this sytem because it was useless. Right now, they are providing false information, what a fraud this whole supposed ducumentary is. They have, jew hater, Cynthia Mckinney talking about this. J_E_W_S McKinney. What kind of idiots would belive this? I have recorded garbage up to this point and then they bring out this women? I'm done with it. The sad thing thing is that people in Europe think "It's the Jews" McKinney is telling the truth. She is fairly consistent with the current ideaology from what I see.

    Like I said before, your threads are crap and should be in chit chat.
  2. Perhaps my threads are craps, but here it is not about my thread, it is about a TV broadcast, a similar to what BBC has also broadcasted - but the BBC's one is no more available so I found another one - and that this has been first questioned by the Wall Street Journal. You know the Wall Street Journal , I suppose, perhaps they say craps, perhaps not.

    So what's your problem tell me about these particular broadcasts or the Wall Street Journal's article (and others in fact like articles in Guardian) ? You don't agree ? It's your right you know, sometimes I also don't agree with mainstream medias :D, I won't shut YOU up for that - like you are trying to do so with me : express yourself guy, go on, it's a debate, you know what a debate is haha :D !

    Tell me, with Enron, the public has already discovered the link between Business and Political interest that has conducted to government investment choices that were AGAINST the american people's interest (remember the electricity breakdown for example what did they say about Enron responsability ?). And now you want us to make believe that it would be different for the same kind of business ?!!!

    P.S.: sorry I don't see what's your problem with jews also. Where are they in the story or I missed something... I rather see arabs: the richest ones that are one of the main stockholders of the Carlyle Group.

  3. Understatement of the year...
  4. Oh 1 voice makes an opinion for the majority for sure haha ! You know what: the majority is always silent but nevertheless they think...

  5. I agree, and my opinion is the majority is thinking, "Why even waste my time replying to this thread?"
  6. I don't know, perhaps you are stupid to do so, just a guess hee hee !

    Hey, are you also stupid to pay taxes for Enron, Carlyle etc... hee hee ! Personnaly crooks can do what they want if they steal one another among themselves but not if they touch public money.

    I'm sure you will also applaude to finance this with public money your own slavery for the interest of a well reknown drug dealer :
    "It's federally funded, it's guarded by state police but it's on private property? That's very interesting," said Christopher Slobogin, a University of Florida law professor and expert in privacy issues. "If it's federally funded, the federal government obviously has a huge interest in it."

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    Like I said in this thread and in your previous ones, IT IS FAIR TO RUN A STORY ABOUT HOW THE CARLYLE GROUP HAS EXTRORDINARY INFLUNECE.

    The story with the JEWS is that the women who appears at the 15 minute mark is a well known anti-semetic nut. She claims in there that Carlyle conspired to get her ousted from her congressional seat. What happened is that jewish groups gave money to her opponent in the primary election because of her jew hating and sucking up to Wahhabi Saudis. The whole thing is totally at odds with the facts. Carlyle gets money from Saudis who are jew haters, Cynthia Mckinney begged for the money from the Saudis that Gulianni turned down. She has, if I'm not mistaken, since losing her seat, worked with Arab groups and generally sucked up to them at every turn. So you see, to link Carlyle with Saudi money and then claim Mckinney was ousted by that same group is false.

    No wonder Europeans have such a bad image of Bush and the U.S. you guys are getting a very fucked up view of what happens here. That documentary pure left-wing propaganda that would make the old communists in the Soviet Union proud of their students.