Do you want to get rid of the counter?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bobcathy1, Aug 17, 2003.

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    OK get your chance to tell us what you think.
    Do you want a most active members list on the Main Forum page? And get rid of the counter next to our names with our status...member, junior, senior, elite?

    Do you think this will help improve Elite Trader?
  2. This is a marketing thing and a necessary evil. Do Baron a favor and let these threads die.
  3. well said. dont make waves make love. or put another way dont rock the boat rock the van :D
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    Rlb...I am all in favor of just leaving well enough alone. If it is not broken, don't fix it!:D

    Personally, I do not think this will deter junk postings. Actually it put the brakes on me as the last thing I wanted was to be exposed as is a blabbermouth. Though I know I am one.:D :(
  5. I'd say we just set everyone's posts at 100 and configure it to count down. When someone gets to 0, that's it -- you don't post anymore. You must then send Baron $10 for another 100 posts credit.
  6. christ nitro would have to declare bankruptcy :eek: :p

    (many times over)
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    Aphie...I kinda like that one...:D
  8. add a "most ignored" list which counts # times a user is on another's ignore list. Now THAT'S entertainment.
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    Should be an interesting poll. BTW, it's been shown that there is a definite psychological effect regarding placement of choices on polls (or in voting booths) which is why political candidates fight to get positioned at the top, say for instance in Florida for presidential elections.
    Excellent idea. Bet we'd see a lot less of those singular " :) " posts....
    Interesting concept, not sure where you came up with this or if there's any truth to it? Maybe Baron wouldn't mind clarifying.
  10. I'll go out on a limb and attempt to clarify. The more posts - garbage or not - the greater number of viewings of the advertisements at the head of each thread page, and thus the greater the marketability of advertising space. Having a running total of 'top posters,' (numerically speaking) will only encourage greater posting volume and so it is good for business.
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