Do you want to allow Qcharts.exe to act as a server?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, May 24, 2002.

  1. Can anyone explain to me why qcharts would want to act as a server? It doesn't need to act as a server to function properly; I'm a little concerned about what it might be sending out if I allowed it to be a server.

    This isn't the only charting program I've used that has wanted server priviledges.
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    Hey Bung! No idea about the question you posed in this thread, but just read your posting about stockwatchpro.. I had to give up on that too.. altho I am sure it will, or may anyway, end up a good piece of work. I found it buggy as hell too and way to slow on everything.. redrawing charts took an age.. just too cranky for me, altho they are very responsive and helpful..

    I am still looking for the best combo of charting software and am having to stick with qcharts and erlangerquote.. its expensive and not perfect by any means.. but EQ is realy good for what I want.. and unlike swp works pretty fast and is as reliable as qfeed allows..

    Just tried a trial of esignal.. and altho I know their data feed is supposed to be excellent I thought the rest of it was nowhere near as good as qcharts based charting.. and I do just love my formulas in quote boards!!

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    Neil , also dumped swp, for second time, lol.
  4. Howdy Neil! It's been a long time...

    Did Esignal want server priviledges when you ran it? I used to use it a long time ago with ensign, but I think that was before I was running zonealarm.

    I'd try EQ, but everything about them seems to irritate me. The bugs in SWP drive me nuts, too, but frankly, I'm against the whole concept behind EQ. The RQ guys ran the company into the ground, anyway, and EQ sure hasn't done much to rebuild the bridges that RQ burned.

    So who knows how long EQ will be around. At least with SWP there's no direct proof that their business model is flawed, or that their customers harbor any hostility towards them. :D I guess I have a little bit of hostility towards SWP too, but until I find something else that can scan (without having to write programs) quotesheets I'm stuck with it. I just wish they'd stop bullshitting me about the data feed, IB integration, fixing bugs....

    I thought it was pretty funny that Matt from RQ bailed and went to esignal, especially since their new charting program is basically a newer version of RQ with javascript capabilities.

    However, at least esignal isn't bush-league and will be around for a while even if he decides to change teams again.
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    Software that wants to provide DDE services or whatever, basically exporting quotes to Excel or things like that, are "servers" and a firewall may ask you this question when they start up.

    I've never used this software though.
  6. The same thing happens with SWP, and as far as I know, it has no DDE link.
  7. I haven't had any problems with SWP performance but again, maybe I am not using it to the fullest potential :) And it's true, they do promise a lot of things (IB integration is on the top of my list) but I am yet to be disappointed with their customer service.
  8. bungrider,

    QCharts does not need server privileges. It works fine w/o them.
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    You've already gotten the answer about "why" it wants to act like a server, so here's a little bit more background info.

    Several versions ago of the continuum client for QCharts, many users (myself included) were getting frequent disconnects, then failures in the automatic logon. To the best of my understanding, a summary of the issue goes something like this:

    It had to do with a UDP packet reply that the program was sending in response to a request. Either the packet went bad or was delayed too long.

    By denying the ability to act as a server, those UDP packets are not sent back to, and voila, no more disconnects.

    I have been blocking the programs' ability to act as a server in all of my applications: QCharts, Dynastore, Dynaloader, & QCollector. For the last five months I haven't had a problem with disconnects at all.

    I'm running ZoneAlarm Pro on a cable modem connection.
  10. No, actually I have yet to hear an answer as to why it wants to act as an internet server - when I have ZA set to allow local server, Qcharts.exe asks permission to act as an internet server upon bootup. The DDE link is local.

    So you're saying that there is no obvious benefit to having QC act as an internet server. I agree.

    I also have been preventing it from acting as an internet server, and it runs fine. However, I would like to know why it feels it needs to act as an internet server.
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