Do you want Amnesty for Illegals this week?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, May 15, 2007.

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    well, if you don't, you'd better call your congress reps and senators

    Today, because they may be passing it tomorrow (Tuesday), and if they pass universal health care also, we're going broke

    Fax congress for free here:
  2. Republicans seem determined to be a permanent minority. Their act is getting very old. Sell their supporters out, then campaign on the platform that "they are not as bad as the democrats." We're not buying that anymore. This is the number one conservative issue. If the Republicans screw us on it, they can forget our support.
  3. welcome to my world, now go support Ron Paul.
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    My P.S. : If you vote for amnesty, start looking for another job.
  5. LT701


    such a severe understatement

    they deserve to go the way of the 'Whigs' if they sell out

    frankly, both parties do

    ('who were the whigs?' -> exactly)
  6. im sorry but i dont pick fruit or clean toilets for a living. it sucks that you do.
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    his problem, is that he pays taxes that go to their (illegal immigrants) social services

    which subsidizes mexico's wealthy, that dump their poor into the USA
  8. his taxes pay their social services? what social services? and how does it subsidize mexico's wealthy?

    and how does all that tie into being forced to find a new job?
  9. They also commit crime. Over 300,000 of them are in US prisons.
  10. everyone commits crime. crime is not a problem limited to immigrants, legal or illegal. and what does immigrants commiting crimes have to do with getting a new job?
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