Do you view your time-frame to trade emini's as a WAR!

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  1. when you trade the emini's from a 1,2,3,5,10 minute you view each time period as a mini WAR?...if not, you need to...each little bar or candle is truly a WAR...we call it "emini WAR trading"...back to the battle!
  2. Traders have different metaphors to describe the market. Puzzle solving, predator & prey, game playing and military confrontation are the most common. Use the one that feels best for you. Just remember, the market has more ammo than you. Use something else if you experience PTSD too often.
  3. I'm don't care much for the war comparison because it's too emotional and thats the last thing I need.

    It IS however, hard work constantly monitoring ever changing charts and making quick decisions.
  4. Hardly. War implies you are fighting the market. The way I see it, I am trading along with the mkt. Trying to decipher the clues, that I have identified, lead to profitable trades.

    Definitely not war though. More like sync"ing" with the market.

  5. thanks guys...great thoughts....
  6. the best entries are just a slight touch and go,
    so obviously that isn't that warlike.

    Its when there is a big push/pull in price , that area is usually the worst place to enter. Risk control can't be provided during mass confusion. Heads might get rolled off from a stray blade flying through the air.
  7. what time periods you do use?
  8. Of course not. Find the primary current and flow with it.

  9. not so much a war as a contest.. with yourself as well as with the chart

  10. xiaodre


    sometimes I view it like surfing, and sometimes like basketball, when I'm in the zone and can do no wrong.

    sometimes, I view it like a video game...
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