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  1. Fly,
    I remember reading a few years ago re the issue of banning editors/contributors on Wiki. Maybe it was 04 re politics. It does not surprise me there is a secret mailing list.
  2. I think there is more coming tht may surprise you.

    Heard any good ones lately?:D
  3. Starting in January, 2006, Weiss’s love of illegal naked short selling and dislike of Patrick Byrne and spilt over from his blog to Wikipedia itself, manifest by the near complete and rather slanted re-writes of the articles on Patrick Byrne and naked short selling on the part of Gary Weiss, editing as Mantanmoreland and his various sockpuppets: Tomstoner, Lastexit, Doright, and Tommytoyz.

    Since that day, attempts to make changes to these articles have proven essentially fruitless as Gary Weiss sweeps in, removing edits he dislikes, usually without explanation. Then, in the event of any push-back by the opposing editor, Weiss employs a trademark method for goading him or her into a precarious position, known as “3RR” that often results in temporary (and in some cases permanent) ejection from Wikipedia.
  4. Bingo. I understand his backer, unknown to me, will prove very interesting.
  5. Meanwhile,

    Three wisemen

    A Nigerian, a lawyer and Gary Weiss walk into a bar (if you must know, the name of the bar is Wikipedia on the Green). The bartender says "I can see a joke coming".
  6. Wikipedia, like any open source compendium, can be vulnerable to attack. So can craigslist, forums, and many other places

    But bashing wikipedia would be borne out of ignorance. It is a fantastic place of broad knowledge, numerous links to primary info sources, etc.. For example, when new research comes out on things like medical studies or scientific, wikipedia is often where it first appears. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are often months to years behind the research.

    Attacks on it are usually rolled back by its hundreds of editors. This is usually sufficient to delete spam or offensive materials
  7. I know better, but don't have time to get into it right now. Remind me. I'll have the proof for you.
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    Hahahaha, this is so funny, LOL! :D :D :D