Do you use Pivot Points?

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  1. Starting a thread to poll who uses Pivot Points and how.

    how do you determine entry/exit based on Daily Pivot, MidDay pivot and S1/2/3 as well R1/2/3

    I am using MidDay Pivot I downloaded from TS forum and it seems to be accurate and works 50% of the time probably.

    Do you combine with any other indicators?

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ha-ha, that's a good one. :)
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    Why not use the search function, and realize that Pivot Points are essentially worthless, as is this thread!
  4. here is what I am discussing

  5. pay attention to S2, S1 Daily Pivot consolidations and follow throu
  6. Can you elaborate???
  7. Surdo


    Today's RTH Pivot's were:
    R1 1,415
    PIVOT 1,409
    S1 1,403
    Based on Monday's HLC, If you bought 1403, you are looking good!


  8. Surdo


    Here are tommorrow's magic levels!

    R1 1,430

    PIVOT 1,414

    S1 1,405
  9. For intraday traders of futures, pivots work.

    That said, most traders I have seen really do not know how to use them.

    A tool in the wrong hands is not much of a tool.
  10. More details on why they work for futures?
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