Do you use only underlying stock charts to trade options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by smile, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. smile


    Does anyone here use both option charts AND the underlying stock chart when DAY trading options?

    I use both as I like to see what's happening with whatever I'm trading. The option chart let's me know what's going on with my money. If I only look at the stock chart I'm missing crucial info.

    Any comments?
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    was this really worth a new thread???
  3. RPEX


    I watch the price of the option/structure i never looked at a chart of the option price as there's almost no information to be gleaned from it. There is no crowd behavior generated by watching the price of the K strike call/put option for delivery in T for example. Better look at the price and IV of the last trades through the day.
  4. TskTsk


    I plot historical prices of the positions I'm in via Excel, but I never plot it for single options. That info is pretty much useless (IMO)