Do you use mobile to trade?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by qll, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. qll


    The software I use are for windows, so I guess it must be Windows CE.

    Anyone running QuoteTracker, IB java plateform on CE?

    How is your battary life?

    Laptop is simply too big for me to carry around.

    What do you connect the internet? via CDMA, GSM GRSP?
  2. toshiba


    I traded per smartphone once just to try it. It can be used to close or check your positions. Otherwise it is not serious thing for rel trading. Forget about it.
  3. FuTuRez


    I just got mine...

    Hand held, full windows version. A little pricey, but works great. I use a remote desktop application to monitor / use my main trade station. I'm connected via Verizon wireless broadband. Around the house WiFi... Battery is OK.. almost 2 hrs & 3+ hrs w/ the double capacity battery.