Do you use antivirus while trading?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by keri60, Jun 3, 2009.

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    That is what I found on Mirus site. Have you ever experienced problems using firewalls, antivirus etc?

    "Firewalls, AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
    Zen-Fire is an intense trading engine. When connected, your computer rapidly receives large amounts of data. Software such as Firewalls, AntiVirus and AntiSpyware have a tendency to see this stream of data as something that could possibly be bad for your computer and may end up blocking out parts of the data or the entire connection. This can result is orders not getting filled, inaccurate price reporting and disconnects. We recommend turning off all active protection from these programs before connecting to Zen-Fire and during trading."

  2. I've used vista with mozilla firefox for several years now with no antivirus. No problems yet. I'm very happy with my setup but I have my fingers crossed for luck.
  3. Just get one like avast that allows you to exclude programs.
  4. i disable AntiVir Guard before connecting with trading program, enable while surfing
    one broker i have [forex] lists Norton, ZoneAlarm, McAfee firewall so it's a common
    problem - not one i've experienced with my old Sygate firewall has Ask, Allow, Block
    settings, haven't used a router so don't know if that does/n't present any problems
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    I had a problem with quotes stopping and starting from IB. They told me it was my computer, firewall or antivirus. I turned off everything including the firewall and antivirus and the problem persisted. I eventually dissabled some features in the IB TWS and everything runs fine now. I feel a lot more comfortable with antivirus and firewall operating if I'm connected to the Internet. I use CA antivirus and Windows Defender firewall and the router firewall. I don't notice any degredation in my connection with those running.
  6. I use AVG Free antivirus and the free version of COMODO firewall without incident or delay.