Do you use a Mac or Windows for trading ?

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  1. Some people find Mac more reliable and maybe precise, but your own trader’s skills and experience still stand. For the users of the OSs i.e. traders, it is hardly any factor. Most of them are supported by Windows (and now, Android over mobile). Some may support on Mac but if they don’t, you may require some CrossOver type of software.

    What do you think ?
  2. Nonsense.

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    Operating systems don't matter. Windows won't give you an edge, Apple won't give you an edge. You might as well ask what powers the computer; hydroelectric or coal-fired plants....:banghead:
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  4. But with the M1 you can calculate moving averages faster, if that's not an edge...

  5. "Do you use a Mac or Windows for trading ?"

    Actually, no I don't. I don't use Mac or Windows for ANYTHING. Never used Mac. Haven't used Windows since W8 came out. Linux all the way, here at Maison Growley.
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  6. Maybe with hydroelectric power you might catch the waves faster?
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  8. It doesn't matter.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but only Windows has a desktop version. Without crossover on mac/linux or any other OS, you must use the cloud version of TT, which is fine, but not as robust as the desktop version. Running via crossover bootstrap or whatever it is called on Mac may or my not have issues. I do not know. I do thing we are far past the days of claiming one is better than the other, it is all preference. Yes, there can be speed diff, security and so on, but better is quite subjective the way most use it and overextend it. You for sure will not get any trading advantage using the M1 chip. I have thought about getting Mac Mini M1 + running the cloud version of TT. For now, as a trader, I think windows better serves the market because that is what most companies develop for. But of course with TT it is platform independent on the SaSS side of things.
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    I ran a Mac Pro for years. Bought the iMac Pro 5K model last year. You can't feed data to Excel without running VMs or dual boot. I was running M1 Macs for my front ends but the CPU benefit was lost on how poorly front ends are written to macOS, so I ran the stuff on VMs but what's the point?

    Bricked an M1 due to a commercial utility which corrupted the T2 chip.

    I gave up (on macOS) so I run a couple Xeon Lenovo desktops and a Xeon P1 4K laptop. I've sold all of my Mac hardware.
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  10. Thanks!
    This is the post I needed to read. A few months ago, I wanted to go with an all mac setup, even an overpriced Pro Display XDR.

    I will just reinvent in my home office with a micro tower, then find a decent flagship laptop for my mobile solution.
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