Do you use 24hr or RTH data for your trading?

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Do you trade with 24hr or RTH data?

  1. 24 hr data

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  2. RTH (9:00 - 2:30)

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  3. Other timeframe

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  1. I'm not sure if I want to use 24hr data or regular trading hours (9:00 - 2:30 EST) data for my swing trading. I've tried both and I see advantages and disadvantages of using both. Depending on which I use the candlesticks are different and also divergences are different, often a sine in one chart won't appear in the other and vice versa.

    For the most part I've used RTH data but it seems that oil is traded internationally and does move outside of RTH.

    I'm curious what the majority of traders use.
  2. I use RTH. During the non-RTH liquidity can be pretty low. I tried to run from 18:00 est to 17:15Est the next day when I first started but found that I only achieved desirable entries and exits during RTH. All in all, there are no blanket statements for most trading questions. It really depends on your trading style. You may find some of the non-RTH exposure suits you.
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    how many lots do you trade that you find a liquidity problem?
  4. I may not have phrased my question precisely.. what I mean is even if you only trade during RTH, do you set your charts to have 24 hour data or just the RTH data? For example if looking at an MACD for divergences, you could get different results depending on if you use 24hr or RTH.
  5. Not really a problem getting in and out its more a matter of bid ask spread. During RTH is when the bid ask spread is the smallest, from my observation.
  6. RTH
  7. Both. I use 24-hr data on my 610 tick-bar chart, and RTH on my 5-minute chart.