do you understand harrytrader's charts?

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  1. answer the polly poll
  2. Finally my charts ressemble to strings so perhaps you will find explanation on super string theory site :D

    For example I use extensively the duality concept and you can learn about duality here :D

    Interview with Sir Michael Atiyah on mathematics, physics and fun

    "I would say the biggest impact on mathematics has been as a whole new collection of results and conjectures where you have to deal with, broadly speaking, with what you might call dualities, where the same thing can appear two different guises. In the physics framework these dualities are broadly understood at some conceptual level, even if not technically, and in the mathematics, the dual picture comes out to be totally different. So it's a great challenge for the mathematicians on the ground, to see what we got from the sky, these two things may go together. Working out how that is going to work out in detail is going to be a big challenge for mathematicians. It has transformed and revitalized and revolutionized large parts of mathematics."

  3. Sounds like The Elegant Universe.
  4. balda


    And Harry never answers the questions and if he does he answers it with another question:D
  5. Claim as usual: extract where I don't answer question haha !

  6. Perharps but SuperString Theory has become the OFFICIAL successor of QUANTUM THEORY.

  7. That is a GREAT book. Easily one of the best books I've ever read.
  8. Sofar out of 13 votes there are two 'Yes' votes, one of which I would say is likely to be Harry's.

    So who is the genius amongst us dummies who is smart enough to understand Henry's charts ?

    Common, announce yourself so we can heap lots of praise upon you.

  9. I don't understand why you don't need to understand astrology numbers whereas you should need to understand my charts numbers :D. Just take the numbers like you take the astro numbers then :).

    Hey did you add econophysics in your vocabulary now that you know this term really exists :) ? Next time before howling against something like an enraged animal consult the sites on this domain ... It's for your good reputation that I give you this advice: I know you want so much to preserve it :D

    P.S.1: when will you send me your word document with a new virus ? Don't tell me you have lost my email that I had the naïvety to give it to you huh ?
    P.S.2: I still don't beat my wife I reassure you :D

    Now that's enough fun, you're going to join the party with 777 in my trash list :D. I was keeping you as long as you tried to give real argument but since it turns out to be systematically personal attack I don't see what value you will add to my process thinking: I look for opposition but on subject domain not on person.

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