Do you trade SSF's regularly?

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  1. For anyone who trades SSF's regulary, please instant messege me if you can answer a few questions for a current commodities futures trader. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank-you
  2. The losers (i.e. large bid-ask spread payers).
  3. Single Stock Futures should not be viewed the same as stock but as an interest rate contract based on stock. The width of the market is a function of interest rates not the lack of liquidity. The activity of the liquidity providers for the SSF set a market around fair value.If you take the midpoint of the bid/asked and use that as fair value you will find if you bid a little above if you are buying or offer a little below if selling you will get filled at those prices.
    SSF is a way to access an alternative to paying borrowing cost to your broker when trading stock on margin. The volume has been going up and has spiked over a 100,000 contracts a number of times in the last month.