Do you trade specific symbols only OR does your strategy scan the market with a criteria ?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Spikeet, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. Spikeet

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    Are you building strategies and trading based on 1 specific symbol/asset, or do you have a wide criteria, where you run it across the entire market to find potential candidates ?

  2. ph1l


    I find a set of assets such that each asset is correlated with every other asset in the set below a threshold as in this post.
  3. Nobert


    Out of 10 ooo names, selected 3000 and then down to 500.
    Later on as the skills improved, chose another 700 names, thus there's the watchlist.
    Checking from time to time, just not to miss the opportunity cost.
    Checking daily, when there's free funds to be used.

    Meanwhile average retailer will focus on few, best known names, where's hundreds of thousands, other people, like him (if not millions), dream about, getting rich.

  4. By feel, anything that moves, like my girlfriends or hookers. I wish I was smart enough to develop a system because like my dates, my trades are not always pretty.
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    As long as your satisfied, you don't have to take them out in public. :)
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  6. Spikeet

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    Tnx for the answer ! Can you elaborate more on the criteria ur using to scan through the stocks ?
    And also - regarding your process that you outlined - is that done manual / automatic / by a software ? Would love to know more details !
  7. Spikeet

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    Can you define anything that moves ? what are you actually looking for / how are you defining it ?
  8. My girlfriends or escort dates? Usually drunk so it’s a crapshoot! :)

    Momo, high energy call option-putv, social media going nuts or low float-Vol exploding like Redbox, N
  9. jnbadger


    Why 2 threads in 2 days with the exact same headline and opening question?

    I've been Trade Ideas for about 15 years to scan. Not giving criteria.