Do you trade other countries' stocks?

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  1. Hi.
    Which country do you live?
    Do you just trade your own country's stocks (eg US people trade US stocks only), but not other countries' stocks?

    If not, what other countries' stocks do you trade? What countries' stocks do you think is the best in your viewpoint [use your own definition of best]?

    Thank you! :)
  2. no one?
  3. I traded German stocks for a while this year and what I found is that the US is by far the best, imo (once you take out the stupid SEC PDT rules). The reason I say that is because the US is very liquid and the spreads are very small compared to Germany. The only reason I went to Germany is because of the PDT rule. It is a shame I had to go to a semi-socialist country to daytrade. I guess that make the US a semi-socialist country too. BTW, I am a US citizen.

    I looked at all the countries stocks that were available to trade through IB: Germany, France, UK, Japan, Switzerland etc....the reason I chose Germany is because of the foreign stock markets available to choose from they were the cheapest in terms of commissions and liquidity or spreads. I did well there and wouldn't mind still trading there but having to wake up at 3 AM was getting old. Even though I have an automated trading system I wanted to wake up to make sure everything was ok at their open. One thing that I did notice was that there wasn't alot of action until the US woke up around 8ish in the AM.

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    There is a difference between trading foreign stocks...and trading foreign exchanges.

    there are TONS of foreign stocks that we trade regularly in the US

    NT-nortel networks...Canada
    BP-british petroleum..obvious

    the list goes on and on.

    as Far as trading foreign exchanges... I think you will find that very few have the tools, info, pricing regulation, volume, liquidity etc. that the US markets have.

    it is an additional level of risk that I dont take...and I live overseas...and work for a foreign exchnage.
  5. Canada, Switzerland, UK,Germany.

    I live in the USA.
  6. You must really be making some good coin if you are trading UK stocks with their outrageous stamp tax of 0.1%!

  7. I have never made a dime in my life. And I blame it all on exchange fees, brokers commission and government regulation.

    Oh and the specialists and market makers...:p
  8. So what's the point of trading UK?

    From the sound of it, this tax appears to be harmful, especially for daytraders.
  9. What's your opinion regarding trading these stocks in these foreign exchanges?

    Which ones are the best in your viewpoint?
  10. How about Japan?

    If memory serves, it is the second largest market in the world?

    I expect some of the greatest stock might be here, having some of the ridiculous returns per year. :p
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