Do you trade from a day-job that is unrelated to trading?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by zxd, May 6, 2010.

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    Do you trade while you're at work when you're probably not supposed to? Have you ever got caught? Have you ever missing an opportunity because someone was "bothering" you? Heh
  2. Yes, I trade daily from my work computer. I live in California, so I generally get some afternoon day trading in, and then make bets on how the market will open the next day.

    Yes, customers have lost me opportunities at money haha

    Most of the staff above me knows I trade. Since the market closes at 1pm here in California, it isn't too big of a deal, as I don't start work until 11am.
  3. I'm fortunate to actually work in a friends company so he lets me have my laptop right there next to me at all times. The problem is that on days like today, I placed pre-market limits because I had to go make a delivery. Fortunately, my limits were all based on weekly averages so my fills were relatively low, but I'm still in the red.

    My goal was to quit my job at the end of next week seeing I have 2 yrs living expenses (finally) but with days like today, I'm thinking about pulling the plug right now.
  4. yes i do.. and I shouldn't . haven't gotten caught thank goodness.
    But people are Always making me miss trades. It amazes me how noone can come bother me for over 2 - 3 hours then all of a sudden someone walks up and I have to deal with them and their problem. come back to the screen and the trade/entry has passed. Pisses me off.
    What's even worse is when you're in a trade that needs attention and then someone walks up. wants to talk about whatever's on their mind.. their kids, in laws, spouse...etc.. and none of them can ever pick up on the fact that I'm not interested and don't give a Sh**..
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    Exactly. How do you protect the screen from your coworkers ? I mean, if someone walks up to your desk and you have a screen with charts, how do you hide it ?
  6. Yes, for a while it was the best solution. :D It is not anymore. :D

  7. Put a special privacy screen on the monitor and make sure you close the window right after placingt the trade. With stops and trailing stops, there is no need to constantly look at it.
    I was lucky to have superiors who were really ignorant and the couple of time they saw it, the dots were not connected by them. :D
  8. the nerve of those people, requiring you to work during your job :p
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    what!! no cell phone traders?:eek:

    besides, all you have to say to keep people from bothering you is: "I have to read an urgent email from my boss" :cool:
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    I sort of do.

    Im a self employed insurance adjuster. I mostly chase storms, so off months I trade full time. But once Ive been working a storm for a while and things have calmed down a bit I will schedule my appointments a little later so I can trade the opening hour and half or so. I trade off a laptop at home, so its no different when Im out of town.
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