Do you trade E-minis 24 hours or RTH only?

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  1. wskeal


    Is there some reasons to trade ES 24 hours?

    Or its better to trade Regular Trading Hours only?
  2. Usually people trying to juggle a day job and trading do the ES at night. I have found a few very good moves during the Asia open (usually good for 4 to 8ticks). Otherwise you may have to hold a position for 3+ hours, whereas the same trade during reg hours could be done in 3 minutes.


  3. Money never sleeps
  4. wrbtrader


    I've never met anyone that can trade for 24 hours without any that possible :confused: :D

    Seriously, I think you're asking is it better to trade the overnight trading session versus trading the regular trading hours of the Emini ES.

    If so, the few traders I know that trade Emini ES overnight trading session is due to the fact their in a different time zone where the rth is their normal sleep time. There's also those that prefer the overnight trading session because they have another job during rth time.


  5. I actually think it is easier to trade ES in afterhours because there is less volatility which keeps program trading from running your stops.

    I am a night owl by nature so I am up pretty much every night anyways til 12-2 am and I would rather be making money than just watching tv or surfing the net.

    I trade a lot in the evenings and overnight using bracket orders so I do not have to watch it trade all night long.
  6. joe4422


    You can trade both. There will be times when the after hours has no volume or movement, during times like that you can avoid it. I've traded both for years.
  7. wrbtrader


    The only way someone can trade for 24hrs is via an automated, mechanical or intricate bracket order trading system.

    In contrast, a discretionary trader (someone that's not automated or mechanical) couldn't do such unless he traded one day for 24hrs and then sleep the next day...alternating the trade then sleep days to prevent burnout within a few weeks. :D

    Seriously, there are lots of traders that'll trade full-time the rth (open to close) and then a part-time (few hours) in the overnight trading session or vice versa.

    When I was single (no spouse nor kids) I would trade the rth from open to close and trade about 1hr 30mins overnight in the Eminis around the time when Eurex futures open. However, I'm no longer single and such a schedule will eventually kill you (literally).

    Thus, now that I'm a family man, I only trade rth from open to close but with lunch break and a few other scheduled breaks...I'm really only trading while glue to the monitors about 5 hours per day.

    By the way, any job that causes a serious lack of sleep or insomnia...

    You'll dramatically increase your risk of the following:

    * Cancers
    * Strokes
    * Diabetes
    * Heart Disease
    * High Blood Pressure
    * Heart Attacks

    Simply, when the brain is resting less...the body is working much harder until it begins to stress. Yet, if you're in great conditions and 25 years or younger...your body can handle such a stressful workload for a few years without any noticeable health problems.

    I've met a few traders in their early 30's that had to quit trading after surviving cancer, stroke or heart attack when the doctor highly recommend changing careers if they wanted to reach 40.

  8. pt199


    Try the KOSPI 200, Korean futurees, moves ok
    Try the Globex EUR, moves well after 2am edt
    Try the Globex JPY, moves well after 11pm edt
  9. joe4422


    No, you can trade whenever the trading is good. Just because you enter after hours doesn't mean you have to sit and watch the trade. you can go to sleep once you're in.
  10. wrbtrader


    You a discretionary, automated or mechanical trader ?

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