Do you tip?

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Do you tip?

  1. Yes, I tip 20%

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  2. Yes, I tip 15%

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  3. Yes, I tip a couple of bucks only

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  4. No, Its not my responsibility to compensate their pay.

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  1. Tipping is the biggest scam ever. I will rarely tip anymore.
    I just dont get it...if an employer is taking advantage of an employee by not paying him enough, but overcharging me for food, why should i feel guilty and pay that large bill + pay the servers salary? If you are charging 3 times as much as mcdonalds does for a burger, then they should be able to pay servers at least twice min wage. But they dont because they've got you all suckered into feeling guilty about how hard the servers work. Well yeah! Its work! Its supposed to be hard. Most of the world is underpaid, but I'm not going to go out and compensate everyones salary just because its "custom" or because I feel guilty. Maybe if we all stopped tipping, employers would be the ones that feel guilty and pay them a decent wage.

    If I want to give Charity, I will give it to people in real need, people without incomes. I'm not giving Charity to someone just because they wont stand up to their boss and demand more money.

    The worst part about this is that when i dont tip..."I" am looked at as the bad guy and not the cheapskate employer.
  2. govno


    I stopped tipping 5 years ago

    simple reason

    I realized that 99.9 % of servers DO NOT DESERVE IT

    servers are not like in your grandfather's time, this is 2009 and things are different
  3. I over-tip.

    Trying to run through all of my money before Obama, Bernanke, Geithner and the rest of the criminals confiscate it all.

    When I run out, I'll go on the dole too.

    Can't fight city hall. :mad:
  4. dcvtss


    I would think a couple of bucks here and there would be insignificant to all us super-rich traders, no? I tip, more if the service is truly good but there have been times I have left nothing if the service is exceptionally bad, like if I have to wait 20 minutes to get my bill settled. Problems with the food etc are not always the fault of your waiter but there is no excuse for dragging your feet when people are finished and trying to leave.

    Have any of you non-tippers ever been to countries where tipping is not the norm? You might change your mind about the positives of tipping after you experience a bartender who doesn't give a shit about making a tip.
  6. Yes...and its different in different countries. For instance...when I go to asian countries where tipping is not the norm, the service is usually exceptional and at worst is usually on par with american service.

    When I go to Europe, service is usually not so great. They generally just drop your food off at your table without saying a word and let you figure out whos food is whos.
  7. BSAM


    This is correct. Good service in the USA is virtually nonexistent. But, if you don't tip, you would be better off to never go back to that restaurant again. The waiters and cooks are in complete control of what happens to your food before you get it. Unfortunately, these are people you just don't want to make angry.
  8. Thats not the point. If you go to a store to buy a TV, do you give the cashier a couple of bucks just because it doesnt make a difference to your lifestyle? If you go to a bookstore to buy a book, do you give the person who shows you where the book you are looking for a few bucks?

    Its not about the money...its about how we get treated different than other customers if we dont tip. Its like we have to pay them to be nice to us when its their freakin' job!
  9. This is absolutely true. Its one of the reasons I do not eat out in restaurants often. This is the mentality of Americans. You have to pay them NOT to spit in your food or something like that. I actually do not eat out that often, but my town is big enough that my frequency between eatting at the same restaurant is at least 6 months or longer, so they never remember me or if i tipped or not.
  10. govno


    One time I tipped a waiter 100 bucks on 600 bucks dinner

    WHY ??????

    the son of a bitch was so good to us, the top notch service

    so I gave him a 100

    but yeah I tip zero otherwise
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