Do you tip?

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  1. Then again, you could just be a cheap SOB. :)
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  2. I used to work as a waiter during high school and since then I tip 20%. Unless, it's obvious they're lagging...
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  3. Where is there a list of who you're supposed to tip?

    I know the following:

    Bus Boys
    Valet Parking People
    Girls in the Red Light

    What else?
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  4. rs7


    porters at the airports
    Maitre d's
    casino dealers
    camp counselors
    taxi drivers
    barbers (hairdressers)
    shoe shine guys (or gals)
    hotel porters
    hotel maids
    cocktail waitresses (maybe included in your list under "waiters")
    school bus drivers
    garbage men
    delivery people (pizza, etc.)

    I am sure there are more, but these come to mind now....keep cash in your pockets is expensive!!

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  5. When I order something from the local pick-up bar for lunch, am I supposed to tip? I usually don't.
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  6. I use to live in Singapore where no tips were expected. You might round a taxi or meal bill up to the next dollar but that was it. It was quite nice.

    Here I start with 15% in restaurants (before tax!) and then round up. Usually works out to 17-20%. But if a fixed tip is put on the bill, I don't give a penny more.
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  7. rs7


    I don't either...unless I see that the person is really overwhelmed and still has a smile and a pleasant manner. In which case I will give a small tip (5% or so) or a dollar, if I am just picking up one order.
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  8. nitro



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  9. He he...

    I was poor like a m*tha f*cka in high school and I usually remembered the guys who tipped well last time they came. They get extra service. The ones who don't tip... no service. They're the last ones to get the food.

    What goes around comes around.
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  10. oh wonderful! some people are gonna need a second job just to support their tipping habits!

    (what's next? i have to start tipping my broker?)
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