Do you tip?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. miniTrdr


    i hate the tip line on credit card receipts at places you dont tip
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  2. rs7


    There were times it was better NOT to get tips. A guy would blow cigar smoke at you at a dice table. You're bobbing and weaving to avoid the cloud. Guy says "you should be working another job". Answer is "yep!". Guy leaves, no smoke, no tip, well worth the effort!!

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  3. yeah, we always gave her a good tip. she was irresistible...
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  4. so true.

    i wonder why a guy as handsome as you gets a big pink woody because some hooch touched your shoulder.

    i did that once. but i was 17 at the time.

    how old are you??

    did you get that supercomputer running yet??
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  5. a) I didn't get all excited because she touched me -- I'm not in Jr. High!

    b) You touched a guy on the shoulder when you were 17? Were you a waitress?

    c) I will be 26 on Friday

    d) I got one up ... 3.2Ghz and lots of ram -- once I write something that needs more of them, I'll take it from there. This one has a window on it and it glows blue at night (I have no life, I confess)
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  6. In Tokyo there (for the most part) isn't any tipping. Personally I prefer this system. The service isn't as good as in N.A., but I feel better about going out to eat. When I'm in N.A. I always feel as though there is a hidden tax. Obviously wait staff don't make enough to live on and if you don't tip them properly, then they get screwed. But whose responsibility is this? Is it the proprietors? Or the customers? I think that paying your employees appropriate wages is the responsibility of the restaurant owner.
    In Tokyo the service isn't as good as in N.A., but in many cases it costs less to eat. which would you prefer?

    When I was in University my buds and I went out for barley based beverage or two and got stuck with a really RUDE waiter. We were good enough to tip him though. We wrote "FUCK YOU" out in pennies....
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  7. rs7


    Best restaurant service seems to be in the places where the proprietors make SURE the service is good. These are the places that hire (and keep) the very best wait a Morton's or places like that (for those unfamiliar with Morton's...high line steak chain out of Chicago).

    Worst service is places like Denny's or the (hopefully gone) Holiday Inn Restaurants. These are chains horribly run. Occasionally you could get good service, but on the whole, the worst. clientele can be part of it for sure. But ownership is mainly responsible IMO.

    In much of the world, and even in many US restaurants, tip is included. Especially for larger tables. So you are stuck.

    If there was a way to fairly pay the wait people, tipping would not be a necessity. But some work hard and have a smile and a pleasant disposition and keep your water glass filled and don't ask how everything is the moment you have a mouth full of food. Some are just too incompetent to know better. So the good ones get paid for being good. Doesn't bother me to tip for good service. And as we all know, if you like a place and frequent it, you get MUCH better service when you are known as a decent tipper. Well worth an extra 5% or so.

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  8. axehawk


    OOOHHH yeah! I had one of the best steaks of my life at Morton's Steakhouse. It was insane, and so was the bill. I think I broke a personal record for a 2 person dinner. But it was well worth it.

    And yes Aphie, of course I tipped. Always do unless the bitch was extremely ignorant and did something to piss me off.
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  9. heh. very sharp.

    a) good.

    b) no, she touched me. never been a waitress. or a woman, for that matter.

    c) happy birthday.

    d) that's good for quake. too complex for trading, tho. can you daisy-chain them together and then fire up quake??
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  10. I'm actually waiting to get my hands on the new DOOM III when it comes out!
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