Do you tip?

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  1. I'm curious to know who among you tip? What is your reasoning for tipping? Why do people tip? What country are you from? Have you ever been in an occupation where you were tipped?

    The other day I was having dinner with a friend and we were talking about the waitress. Apparently, she came over and took our order and "touched" my shoulder while laughing. Well, instinctively I tipped her more for this. In fact, she wrote a little smiley face on our check and wrote, "thank you!!" So she ended up with a sweet tip.

    If you get shitty service, will you still tip? What do you normally tip (i.e. 15%, 20%, etc).
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    I tip 20% or more. Hotel maids $5 a day.
    I rarely get lousy service. If I do, I never go back.
    I used to be a beautician and made a lot of tips. :)

    I live in a tourist area of Florida. Most people on vacation are cheap tippers.:(
  3. I do, but just because I'm afraid of them using my credit card for fraud. I worked at a place during college where some of the wait staff would take the credit card numbers of people who stiffed them and buy something for themselves at LL Bean. It's probably harder to do this now, but it's a concern of mine nonetheless after seeing this.
  4. not to mention what they do to the food....
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    That is why I NEVER criticize the wait staff. I do not want my food to take side trips past the spittoon! Or the toilet!:eek:

    I just vote with my feet!
  6. this has nothing to do with your question....but a few years ago my friends and i would always go to this place and eat at night. we would have this one waitress a lot. IT WAS SO OBVIOUS SHE LIKED ME. i liked her, too..hehe anyway, she would always remember my order and stuff. i never had to order my food....she would never even let me order. she always just gave me what i wanted. lol well this went on and on for a couple months. eventually, one night she had her friend ask me for my number. awww yeahhhhh AND THE REST IS HISTORY!!!!! :D
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    Gordon, did you give her a big tip?
    Bob used to give me a big tip when I cut his hair at the barbershop:)
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    aphex - sucker :)

    some places expect you to be tipped and automatically report a % to the irs. i think they reported around 7%. thats just wrong - its up to waitress/waiters to report. oh yeah and i tip.. usually 15% but its based on the bottom line after taxes already, just habit. i think tipping should go away though. valet gets $3 - worked plenty of resturants/pizza delivery/chinese delivery for tips and partied every night with the cash :D
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    I worked in gaming in las vegas. They had the taxes down to a science.

    The old timers got rich making big $ and not declaring. Now, all the tips are reported....because the tips are all given as checks (chips) and to get money, they have to go to the cashier. Then the money is divvied up and taxed to the penny.

    I was also in the restaurant business so I probably over tip, as do most restaurant people. 20% + rounding up. Which maybe isn't as much over tipping as it used to be. Remember, these people are for the most part busting their humps for minimum wage. (plus tips). But I will sometimes adjust down if say I have a $100 dinner, and half of it is drinks. I mean how much effort to bring a $10 drink to a table. Is that worth another $2 a drink? Depends on the service and the smiles in that case.

  10. i tip everyone except the people who serve coffee with an attitude and have the balls to put a cup near the register that says "Tips Please".

    Here's your tip Coffeezilla, try smiling once in a while. Try making me not feel like I'm bothering you by asking to toast my bagel. Try getting a different job if you don't like this one.

    I feel so much better.:)
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