Do you think the SEC and other security insitutions are Useless?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Apr 18, 2006.

Is the SEC useless?

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  1. Do you think institutions like the SEC and in canada the OSC are basically useless organizations? It seems that they send out alot of suponeas but they never get anywhere. The suponeas start out with alot of public fanfare, but come a year later they are almost all quietly dropped or not even talked about anymore. In fact even slam dunk cases like enron they still have problems prosecuting and in fact in the case of healthsouth, the guy runs free. Is it a case of lack of funds and expertise or something else?
  2. For the small investor, the SEC is useless. For the big money institutions, they are fantastic!!
  3. lol, hey what do you think will happen to those two preppy kid brokers who got insider tips from lap dancers. I dont think anything will happen. Worst case scenerio they get 8 years, serve 2 and then probation. Best case, the sec settles with them, and they sell their story to hollywood, and they make millions off their story. Come on strippers, cash, and wallstreet.

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    Small investors would be better served if the SEC took note of some actions taken their Australian counterparts - ASC.

    They're more proactive in guarding the public against deceptive advertising/content found in many educational and newsletter services and now require IA-equivalent registrations for people providing such services.

    In the US, much of this stuff gets caught up in arguments regarding the 1st amendment (free speech).