do you think the economic situation was planned

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  1. do you think the situation is planned also if so by who.

    bilderberger, masons, illuminati, banks, governments etc.
  2. Rothschilds, Morgans, Warburgs, and others whose names we'll never know.
    I'm not totally convinced, but I lean towards the idea, yea.
    The derivitives mkt sure had a lot to do with it.
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    Now, you guys never heard this from me!!!

    Read the Federalists and Anti-Federalists Papers.

    This Government was established in a manner to protect the Wealth at whatever COSTS.

    Take it from there!!!
  4. Well the outcome is EXACTLY as they described in their OWN DOCUMENTS from years ago.....YES IT WAS PLANNED!

    BTW....who educated and encouraged the use of CDS (credit default swaps) to the financial world while blessing the risk management models involved!!! :eek:

    FU^%!@# CASE CLOSED!!! :eek:
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    All in an attempt to create hyper-inflation and panic. Thus creating the ground work for a north american union... this has been the plan all along
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    Bernanke and a buddy Professor (I think at NYU) developed a model that predicted the 1987, 1999, and 2007 credit and market collapses.

    Bernanke sat in front of Congress with a smile and bragged about the ACCURACY of the model. Then he calls his buddy, the buddy says "how's it going?", Bernanke replies, "fine, the good news is that the model was dead on, but, now, how do we stop the downturn?". The buddy responds, "well, were running several interation as we speak".

    They probably used a Craig computer, Blew the thing up, and had to replace all the Chips and motherboards due to OVERHEATING.

    I've read the publication and watched the Congressional meeting.

    There you go, good luck with that, hope everything works out for YA?
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    2008 being an election year, the democrats wanted to instill fear in the American public while pointing blame at the republican party and getting a Democrat into the Whitehouse. Well they got what they wanted and a hell of a lot more. I really think Nancy Pelosi believed the $700 billion dollar bailout would save the economy and make the Dems look like the Lone Ranger who saved the day. That's because she is a complete idiot. She opened a Pandora"s box that is hurting the whole globe. But that self centered cvnt doesn't care about anything but politics, even as it brings the world down.
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    pre-meditated scam.

    madoff ponzi scheme.

    the tech bubble or late 90's worthless stocks

    enron and world comd scams..

    with that kind of money, who wouldn't want to steal from wall street.

  9. Get more than 3 people in a room and they can barely plan where to have lunch. The idea that the current situation was "planned" or "orchestrated" is patently ludicrous.
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    Here's some of the best analysis I've read anywhere. It's an archive of James Quinn's essays.

    Also check out Niall Ferguson's articles.

    The feeling that I get from reading these writings is that this whole economic crisis was inevitable. It's simply the cycle of life. Read "American Tragedy" by James Quinn and on the first page, it talks about the 8 stages of a democracy outlined by Alexander Tyler. Remember, this was written in 1787. America is simply going through the stages, just like every great civilization before it.
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