Do You Think SARS Is Germ Warfare

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Apr 3, 2003.

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    This whole thing about SARS has gotten me thinking.
    Do you think it is "germ warfare" from Saddam or some other terrorist group?
  2. Pollution?
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    Yes there was some commentator on CNBC this morning blaming it on pollution in China.
  4. Its just a new virus that happened to pop up in China. It happens all the time, but most just aren't deadly. If it was germ warfare, it would kill far more than the 5% that it is killing now. Last I saw was 72 deaths out of 1600 cases. Scientists for years have been predicting a massive plague will hit one day. This is due to population density and world travel. This is nature.

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    I read an article that blamed the over use of penicillin.....while it is needed, it's been over prescribed and cases our own immune system to weaken....thus a typical virus we would normally be immune to...we get...and it ( the virus) mutates and get's stronger and stronger until, at last....we are mutants like X-men
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    I am watching the TV and Bagdad is very quiet.....I think they might be waiting for us to unleash something vile. These Saddamites are crazy enough to kill themselves and their own people along with our troups. Germs? Chemicals? Radioactive waste? Ugh, looks like the market is thinking the same thing right now by the way it is acting......:(
  7. No TM, penicillin does not degrade the immune system, its loses it effectiveness against future generations of bacteria as they evolve defenses against mechanisms of penicillen.

    Antibiotics either inhibit cell wall division stopping growth and allowing the immune system to fight a finite number of mcrobes, are are directly bacteriocidal.

    Antibiotics have no direct impact on viruses.

    THere is nothing about SARS that is inconsistent with a naturally occurring germ.

  8. Thank you Dr. Gabriel for clearing that you were the kid in college who actually paid attention in class:D :D .....I alsoe heard that penicillin kills all the good bacteria in your stomache and after a cycle you should eat some yogurt...true or wives tale?
  9. This is definitely true, but for bacterial infections, not viruses. Penicillin and its derivatives do nothing to viruses (hence herpes, AIDS, and the common cold are a bitch to fight).

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    maybe, the guy started it stay at 9th floor, at room 911, coincident? you decide.
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