Do you think posting lowers your ability to trade?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bobcathy1, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. That is one of the funniest posts that I have read on ET. It really made me laugh.

    The other one that made me laugh was when Baron ask us to recommend different slogans for EliteTrader. And someone came up with EliteTrader, "the blind leading the blind".
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  2. This isn't very helpful, but I just couldn't let you get away with saying it unchallenged.

    For the most part, most people, regardless of gender, have problems with self-esteem. Both sexes may display this problem differently, but theoretically they wouldn't have to. The cause for this low self-esteem is a matter that you should look into since living with it is completely unnecessary.

    BTW, I sincerely hope that you find your groove.
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  3. I post so that someone can critique me so that I can learn.
    Every once in a while someone posts something that just clicks in a positive way.
    The rest I just try to read and foget. If it doesn't click in a positive way at first read, I forget it and move on. Otherwise it could (used to) just add confusion with all of the different methods of trading ideas shared at this website.
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  4. bobcathy1

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    I think there is a solution to this.

    Just earmark the best threads for Email.....for me that is Surf Report and Jokes.

    Read posts at night or over the weekend when there is no trading.

    Do not go searching for the "best method" but improve the one I have. The constant searching and learning is too time consuming. Stick to what I know and trade it.

    Lurk in the chats and forums......I learn more with my mouth shut.

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  5. Hey, why didn't my journal didn't make the list?:(
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  6. bobcathy1

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    Because you do not trade index futures.....sorry, we all have to draw the line somewhere.:(

    But I like to talk to you for sure:)
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  7. Ebo


    Bob Cathy:
    You are value added to this Board.
    Please consider this constructive.
    You have started to lose your mind.
    Check for fumes in the bilge!

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  8. nkhoi

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    is this haiku, I think I can re-wrote it as;

    Bob Cathy
    value and wise
    but now...
    fumes in mind!

    -rainy saturday
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  9. bobcathy1

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    ebo and nikoi.....I loved your posts:) is the pause that refreshes....menopause......ever notice all these weirder posts of mine are at the time of the full moon.......we are having moon tides minute the boat is way too tall to get into, the next you need to sit on the dock to get on........
    I tend to get reflective with full moon........

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  10. Forget the market for a week. What you need is to relax, have a few drinks with me and then let me come over afterwards to show you some "new tricks."
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