Do you think posting lowers your ability to trade?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bobcathy1, Jun 5, 2003.

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    I had a thought.
    Before I found Elite Trader, I was doing well in the markets.
    Once I started posting, I did not do as well.

    Do you think excessive posting and reading of posts has ruined my edge?

    Maybe it is the exposure to so many ideas?
    Maybe it is the chit chat rotting my brain?

    Hmmmmmm?:) :( :eek: :confused:
  2. posting what? text posts? are you posting your trades? where?
  3. in the long run, knowing about different styles is good, imo. but yes, when you don't step back and get the big picture, you can become very mixed up....
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    Yes, I feel like my mind is in a blender.
    I know so many different ways to approach a market and it gets difficult to execute anything.

    I was just downright confused.:confused:

    I do not post my trades anymore, not worth the time it takes for the razzing I get.
  5. cathy you can only be shaken if you lacked the confidence in your trading to begin with...

  6. it's like that analogy.....

    some animal starves to death because it couldn't decide between which of 2 hay stacks to eat.

    you're starving (no money) because you don't know/can't decide which trading style to use.

    i think many people feel this way at some point.......probably just a growing pain...... eventually, if u get on the right track, you should gain confidence in yourself......
  7. find something that works...

    then just DO IT!

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    Women are very different than men.
    Self confidence is a daily battle for us.
    Guys always think they are right, women always think they are wrong.
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    I like that analogy too.....fits me.
  10. i post because it helps me stay focused and disciplined. its like telling everyone what you are doing, so it's important that you follow your rules.

    it helps my trading.


    surfer:) :)
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