Do you think Palin will make a good president?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Sep 10, 2009.

Is Palin a good choice to run the US in 2012?

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  1. I think she is the new face of the GOP. Bush Jr was what I would call a transitionary new generation GOP president and now Palin will continue the conversion over to the new Republican party style that began with Bush Jr.

    Do you think she will do well as a president and as a representative face of the GOP
  2. Eight


    She's confrontational.. and she's a cheerleader, but President... I don't think she has much grasp of some basic high school level class material so she will never be a Winston Churchill... but when I think about Nancy Pelosi and BO well.. they are rendered quite stupid by their idealogy and limited abilitites to think things through.. it's funny, she might do better than they...
  3. Ron Paul...

    That's the new face of the GOP
  4. I don't think she is confrontational. She is vilified by the Democrats because they are afraid of her and she is not the type to take it laying down.

    Its the type of spunk and guts you need in a leader.
  5. Leaders have this one common trait. They lead.

    Name me one other republican who is doing jack shit to oppose obama.
  6. she couldnt even run alaska without cutting and running when things got tough.
  7. like to run her up my flagpole see who salutes first :D
  8. LOL!
  9. Ricter


    For her I think "tough" is being out of the limelight.