Do you think NYSE/nasdaq proposed 2 hour extension is dumb or smart?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Mar 12, 2006.

What do you think of the new 8:30 am open and 5pm close proposal?

  1. Its dumb!

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  2. Smart move!

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  3. Just leave it be?

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  1. I was wondering what you guys think of the nyse proposed 2 hour extension. 1hour earlier in the morning and 1 hour later in trading. Its been talked about for months, but nothing would have happened till the nyse went public. There were people who thought the nyse would never go electronic, or that it would take years, but they are finally going electronic. So what do you think of the new 8:30 am opening, and new 5pm close.
  2. As long as it actually brings more volume and more opportunities and not just 2 more hours of "churn", then I have no problem with it. Then again, I'm not trading from the west coast.
  3. Everything has tobe put into perspective right steve. A 8:30 open would mean an even earlier early extended open. We could be talking about as early as 6am. As everybody is scrambling to take market share. Everybody has a theory, whether its really to take market share back from europe or to screw over west coast traders.

  4. Here is a good question.

    How would this affect the normal 9:30 opening.

    I think 9:30 is the time where trading stocks is extremely difficult for the more volatile stocks, and Futures are more mobile.

    Just wondering if an earlier start would be less of a dramatic opening at 9:30. Maybe actually would be beneficial for those of us that don't like trading right after 9:30. But those that like trading the open, might not work out so well for them.

    Should be interesting.

    How long have most exchanges on the east coast opened at 9:30 and close at around 4?
  5. I remember reading somewhere that the nyse use to close at 3 in the 60's. I think they moved to a 4pm close in the 70's. Well I think people will basically trade the same amount. The nyse think they can steal 2% more volumne from the european markets. What about this. the 1 hour early and 1 hour later opening was the compromise. The nyse was consider a 2 hour earlier open!!! thats insane.

  6. traderob


    Great move,
    I live in Japan and will be able to get to bed earlier.
  7. More trading hours could mean stocks trend longer. An added hour in the morning could mean an additional half point, or additional point on a position.
  8. Sucks.... I live on the west coast of the USA...:mad:
  9. I wish they just have it open from 10am to 2pm est time. Longer hours just suck the volatility out of it.

    I think longer hours is bad news.

  10. I hate it

    Enough hours of watching as it is :D

    Thank god I'm swing trading :D
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