Do you think newcomers are easy to earn money in Forex

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    I earned a little bit during the first week, it seems it's easy for newcomers to earn money in the beginning?
  2. don't confuse random luck with easy money
  3. Think about it, anyone can sit down and throw a trade on that makes money. Then do it again and once again.

    That's the easy part.

    Consistency in making money everyday is the hard part and will take you years to achieve.
  4. Be careful about using excessive leverage. 100:1 leverage means that a 1% move against you will wipe out your equity. Many pairs easily move that much in a given day.
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    But only open about 5% of my capital.
  6. Think about it: Is it easy for newcomers to earn money running a start-up company? How many who try succeed?
  7. It is not worth the risk and time to that is required to trade full time and become successful as a professional trader.
    It takes years of experience and overcoming many hurdles to become successful.

    I finally realized that the best option is to find good autotrading expert advisors to trade forex so that you don't waste hours and a lot of your money trying to figure it out.

    This way you can keep your current job while still having the benefit of making large % profits on whatever amount of money you decide to invest in. (the nice thing about forex is that you can start with only a couple hundred bucks)
  8. Played my first hole of golf ever today. Got a birdie on the first hole and then stopped. Why does everyone make such a big deal out of Tiger Woods, this is so easy.
  9. Beginner's luck:'s_luck

    it's hard to make money in zero-sum games like forex unless you know how to entice others to pay you for what you are doing.
  10. Zero sum? That's debatable but either way it's a non-issue since it's irrelevant.

    Forex isn't a time finite game, it's a never-ending exchange of one currency for another which in theory means everyone could win :)
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