Do you think Nancy Pelosi should be waterboarded?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Obamas sucks, May 19, 2009.

Should Nancy Pelosi be waterboarded?

  1. Yes, i think that Nancy Pelosi along with all lying democraps should be waterboarded

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  2. No, even though she is lying she should not be waterboarded.

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  1. For some reason the first thread that i started got deleted, i am assuming the reason why is because 100% of the vote was for "thunderdog is a homo," and he cried to the moderators. Typical left winger, when they dont like the opinion of the masses they simply resort to censorship.

    Anyways i think it would be poetic justice if Nancy Pelosi was waterboarded until she tells the truth about what she knew.

    This would serve two purposes first off it would tell us all that Nancy pelosi is lying, and second it would prove that waterboarding works. I would say we should try it on barney Frank too but that homo would try to deepthroat the hose.
  2. Lucrum


    He's not called thundervagina for nothing.
  3. Hmmm............I wondered where this thread went

    I would love to see Dr. Vodka waterboarded.
  4. haha.... i wanna change my handle to "obama sucks elephant dicks now:D
  5. The moderators are such flamming fucking pussies they'll let your post stand but mine are gone.

    Whaddya know. If cared I'd inquire but fuck'm ...I don't even care.

  6. Cheer up, Doc

    I wanted to beat you to the punch !
  7. I ain't trying to get anything started again but fwiw I can't see how anyone deserves it more than Barney Franks.
  8. Don't make fun of thunderdog. Afterall who else would we get our daily fill of junior high insults from? Not only do we get his junior high insults but we also get him complaining about the forum turning to shit. I am convinced he is a conservative trying to make liberals look stupid.
  9. How fascinating that someone with "sucks" in his user name should accuse me of being a "homo." Where to begin?
  10. You, on the other hand, don't have to try. You are at one with stupid.
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