Do You Think Like A Serial Killer?

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  1. The 'riddles' thread reminded me of this....if you've heard it before, don't post and it isn't that hard to find the 'answer' to this elsewhere on the net but it defeats the purpose....Now...on to the test.

    A young woman goes to the funeral of her mother. There she meets a man whom she has never met before. She believes that this guy is the absolute man of her dreams and immediately falls in love. Two days later she kills her sister. Why?

    Post your answer....
    But be forewarned: if you answer correctly (according to this specific test anyway), then please get on a bus, train, plane...whatever your mode of transportation is, and head straight to Bellevue.
  2. She killed her sister hoping that the stranger she met at her mother's funeral would also attend her sister's too.
  3. A lonely widow meets a man at a party and asks him, "so what do you do?"

    "I'm unemployed right now", the man replies
    She continues, "Well what did you do before?"
    "Honestly", the man answers, "I was only released from prison last month where I spent the last 20 years, and I haven't found a job yet"

    "My goodness, what were you in for?"

    "First degree murder, I killed my wife"

    "Ohh" the widow says, "so you're single!"
  4. Ummm...yeah, then why did I get it wrong? Or maybe its that you're a serial killer?

    But yes, I will be the first to admit that us women read way to deeply into things and sometimes have f-ed up thoughts..... although I've never considered murder as a means to find the man of my dreams......But then I'm only 27 so I'm not that desperate yet...
  5. You're my age. Wow. Let's have an internet love affair.
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    Man, aphie, you sure do quiet down when you approach a woman. That's about the shortest post you've placed here in a while.:D :D
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    Chi-Town is gonna luv u.:cool:
  8. I'm just working all the angles. :cool: :cool:
  9. I thought we already were?...;-)
  10. I hope so...
    And based on all my previous visits there I can assure you that the feeling is mutual.....I've lived in a lot of different places and I can say almost without a doubt, that Chicago has more of 'my type' of guy than any where else.... How there are any single guys there still, I have no idea...;-)
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