Do you think Landis82 should be banned?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Steelers Baby, Dec 22, 2009.

Based on racist posts,and bullying of other traders should Landis82 be banned?

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  1. I think we should let the majority of Elitetrader speak for themselves.

    Based on the evidence of racist post history, as well as bullying of other traders, provided below do you think Landis82 should be banned from elitetrader? Please read both of the entire threads before making a decision.

    I will not post or try to sway peoples votes in any way but read the above links and tell me/the moderators whether you believe this user should be banned or not, based on his history of racially attacking/bullying users.
  2. Wow, how many whiner threads are you going to start over the holidays? Is there some kind of limit, after which you might say to yourself 'You know what, this is getting stupid'?

    Hint: You're there.

    Sad, really, Given what we know about your literacy (or lack thereof), I feel that the education system let you down badly.
  3. That is quite a statement there, coming from one of the chief whiners himself.

    By the way, for someone who prides himself on" literacy" and his "join date", you appear to be lacking in common sense, jackass.

    Some things they just can't teach fools like you.

    Take your bigoted, foul comments somewhere else, tradertwerp.

    You are a dreadful bore.
  4. More racism from the left.....
    My best friend is a muslim named Alikhan, khan is a common name used among muslims, now we have yet another racist saying about muslims, on this site. Not only that but he is also attacking someone who is of Malay Ethnicity, when will this rampant racism end. Mods please tell me you are going to do something about this racism which is running rampant amongst users of this site.....
  5. So Steelers Baby, have bugscoe, Mav88 (the 88 = Heil Hitler) or any of the innumerable members with handles ending in 88, which is very well known for what it represents all over the Internet, or Clubber Lang, or Mom0/ph0x been banned? Is FeenixRizin still around, even though he wanted to tear me quite literally to pieces? Is dr jekyllus, whose courageous response to this was to ask what he was drinking, been banned? Has Lucrum, who wished the President dead, been banned? Has Pa(b)st Prime, who wanted not only the President, but the entire government to be massacred, been banned, not only for the sentiment, but for posting it in the Economics Forum? Has nitro been banned for laughing at the idea of banning Pa(b)st Prime for this egregious breaking of the rules?
    Didn't think so.
    I didn't think this cesspool could get any worse, but apparently it has. Kind of amazing, also fascinating.
    I have never been privileged to see so much scum gathered in a single place, ever. As for the moderation, well, let's not mention it. When it isn't useless, it's complicit.
    I have no idea what sewer you crawled out of, but I'm glad I live in a part of the country where folks like you, or any of the rest of the worms, roaches and parasites who infest this mangy site, don't tend to congregate much.
    Don't bother answering, I won't be around to read it anyway.
  6. I have often wondered whether some of these individuals such as fkbshuites and kut2k2 are paid to post on this website. It is pure satire some of the trash they post and you think to yourself "no one can be that stupid". Then we have imbeciles such as the idiot who commented above (trefoil) and T-Dog/ Gabfly who sadly appear genuine.
  7. maxpi


    "racist" = I don't like your argument and stfu...

    It's pretty hard to talk about politics in the USA with Mexican voting blocks, Black voting blocks, White voting blocks [that is the one with the winning attitude and the sense of American History, the rest are whiny socialist minority losers btw], etc. and not get called a racist :) Let's face it, when you are right and you are proving it by living at a high standard of living, people are going to resent you :D
  8. Well tinfoil why dont you take that case up with the moderators of this site, i work on a case by case basis. I did not even know 88 meant anything to do with racism as i have never seen it, the only thigns i could assume 88 means is Eric Lindros, my favourite hockey player, or Tony Gonzalez the best tightend of all time. That is a lot less blatant then telling someone of ethnic decent to "go back to where they came from" or telling someone they have their "malaysian head up george bush's ass," or telling someone they are a "Khan-servative" when the name "Khan" is extremely common in arab countries, and Alikhan happens to be the name of my best friend.

  9. Exactly so i say they either set a standard by banning all racists, or they do away with it, there has been many people who had their posts deleted/have been banned from this site for much less than what i have pointed out in this thread.

    And before anyone here labels me a racist let me point out this simple fact, my fiancee is vietnamese, my best friend is brown, and my business partner is black so this shit does not register with me, however i have seen many people on this site from the left create posts with racial undertones, and get away with it and either we go one way or the other.

    I am more than willing to simply ban every single user who creates racist posts, you can look through my history and you will not find a single one, as a persons race does not matter to me. However when people make a point of using race as their primary point of attack, or they turn around and use racial statements they deserve to be banned. As is the case with Landis82.
  10. hughb


    Landis is a first-class jagoff with his "you don't even trade!" and his "your reading comprehension is terrible!" bullshit in every thread he vomits on. But he should not be banned. Pick up the shattered pieces of your life, put him on ignore and do you utmost best to carry on.
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