Do you think it's a crime to blow the brains out of BABY,execution style?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, May 31, 2006.

Do you think it is a crime to blow the brains out of baby, execution style?

  1. yes

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  1. My question is do you think it is a crime to blow the brains out of a baby,execution style? Im not saying a 3 or even 5 year old, a baby that is only a few months old. Alot of people on ET saids it is not a crime to kill a baby execution style? So Im just taking a poll how many people agree.
  2. My question is do you think it's a crime to screw the brains out of a BABY? Most of us on this forum already know your answer.
  3. LOL!!!! LOL!!!!! :D :D :D
  4. thats sick you would put screws into babies and rip it out. No wonder the marines committed atrocities.

  5. lol jzlucus, what's next. Slow eviseration of babies. or maybe chopping off parts of babies. And see how fast they die. Why go with quick deaths by shooting them in the head, slow torture to death is way better right jzlucas. you were advocating putting screws into babies :D

  6. What's wrong with these people? Every time a question is asked that they don't like or don't know the answer, they attack the person who asks the question. Did they learn this trick in school or in the church?
  7. An excellent observation, Mr. Bond... You amuse me! Obviously you don't see the absurdity in his stupid questions. Stupid questions deserve stupid answers... or in this case, an equally stupid question. I thought you would catch on to this scenario rather quickly, Mr. Bond. My mistake. I'll explain the rest of my posts to you in detail the next time I meet you in a thread. Good day, Mr. Bond.
  8. Just a copy of my previous post:


    An old habit of mine that I still employ from my moderator days on ET is to click the number of posts located below the username, and check out where a person spends most of their time, and what they have contributed.

    ... mahram has over 800 posts and I couldn't find one that had any real trading substance. I did see where he was trying to talk about GOOG, but no one paid him any attention. By far, the majority of his posts are in discussion-based forums, and typically have nothing to do with trading or investing.

    mahram, your kind are a dime-a-dozen. You don't know how to trade and you've been burnt whenever you try to make a play. Somehow you think that chatting on ET makes you a trader, but it doesn't. And you're definitely not that smart. Your logic is flawed, your information is bad, and your conclusions are inaccurate.

    You should take what you have left of your 5k account and spend it on trading resources that will help you develop as a trader. Another suggestion is to spend the money on some books that will help you develop greater self-esteem. Using these two suggestions, you have a chance at becoming what you think you want to be, a profitable trader. Otherwise, you're going to go down the same road so many guys do who come here thinking they can trade, lose all their money, and then hang around chatting on these boards with nothing useful to say.