Do you think America is headed for a 2nd American Civil WAR?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jun 26, 2006.

Do you think America is headed towards a 2nd american civil war?

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  1. Dont you think America is headed down towards a 2nd american civil war? On the right you have people who belieave in democracy and freedom *democrats*. On the right you have religious republicans who was a theoist state. Based on fundamentalist christian teachings. This is basically a carry on from the first civil war. You have the republicans, who have a firm southern root. Where segragationist, racist, and old confederate values have morphed into a newly fundamentalist christian conservative side. While the the democrats have morphed from the democratic, freedom loving, and constitutional loving crowd. dont Eters think, its heading towards that state. Where only a 2nd civil war, will end the stalemate.
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  5. Yes but I believe since Rhode Island obtained a nuke they will take on the rest of the union (except of course Ohio, which will be neutral). Payback for all those "small state" jokes.
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    How can there be a civil war when both groups are on the same side?
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  7. Ummm are you so sure. You have the democrats who belieave in democracy and freedom and you have the republicans who belieave in a conservative, fundamentalist christian view of america. The republicans dont belieave in democracy or seculartism. Look at everything the republicans have done and their attempts to change the constitution. Flag burning admendments, gay marriage, stripping citizens of birth right citizenship, concentration camps, enacting fundamentalist laws, and etc. The republicans have basically absorbed and establish as their base, the southern, racist,and fundamentalist base. Just look at katrina. The republicans refused to help the black american citizens of lousina. The same people who were fighting for segragation and ultra fundamentalist views have taken over the party. And you have the democrats absorbing the democratic and constitutionionally loving crowd. The republicans views are fundamentally uncompatible with the beliefs of the constitution. Its only a matter of time before a civil war breaks out. I think personally it would start when the republicans will try to push the law stripping citizens of garanteed birthright citizenship. A constitutional right to garanteed rights to former slaves. Can you imagine republicans saying to blacks. You dont have rights because your family were slaves. Instant civil war.

  8. Im really serious about my statement. You now have 2 diametrically opposing views of the country. You have the republicans who have a conservative, fundamentalist, southern view of america. Southern meaning, prowhite, segragationist, racist view of america. And you have democrats who view a freedom, democratic, and strict constitutional protectionist view of america. Views that are diametrically opposed. I personally think the republican party has been coopted by southern segragationist crowd. And push out the economic northen conservative group. Look at the aftermath of katrina. the republicans refused to help the black americans of lousina. Do you really think that the republicans would wait a week to send help if they were white and blue eyed people asking for help. No way. Look at the republicans attempts to strip citizenship rights to blacks. There attempt to remove the law that enabled blacks birth citizenship rights. Why would they fiercly attempt to remove that constitutional right. If it wasnt racially motivated.

  9. I personally think you are out to lunch and basically do not know jack shit about what you are saying.
  10. hey mahram, how long have you been living in Canada and where are you from originally?
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