Do you sometimes feel guilty?

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  1. So you had a great day in markers... You made 15k!!! Let's go out and celebrate... Whit friends who cant stay out too long cause they have to work at 6 in the morning. Let's Get a quick bits to eat first... Jeez i understand 60usd a day isnt much but does it has to take this long? Look at the bum lying there...what a loser. Get a job!!! ........
  2. Most of us west coast traders also start work at 6am (markets open at 6:30am here) Of course our commute from the bedroom to the computer room is much shorter....

    When you make $15k in a day, you quickly find out its hard to stay friends with people making $60 per day...thats just too little money. You will have more luck staying friends with people that make at least $250 per day, but generally any less than that is just going to cause headaches for you with them being jealous. Unless of course you are a big spender and pay their way all the time. Then it doesnt matter what they make.
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    +1 peilthetraveler

    dunno about you,but i daytrade full time for like 10+ years.for me it goes like this: wake up at 7 am, check everything, trade untill 4PM. exercise for an hour or so. dinner. check and work on today's trades. preparation for next day. bedtime. that's it.
    at this point you(just like me) might not have any friends. simply because we are living in different worlds. they don't understand wtf i'm doing,we have nothing in common,nothing to talk about and i personally don't like such attitude,the show off you describe above.. 15K, let's celebrate..what for? to show your friends how miserable they are? keep it quiet and you will be just fine...i feel friends,no hard feelings.

    if you feel guilty-then you should worry about people that you just ripped off for 15K. why not? feel guilty x10, cause it's maybe their last savings?
  4. What kind of life is that? Not having any friends? I mean, isnt that why we all work so hard? Isnt it so you can enjoy it with people we like and love? I mean, i dont know about you, but i enjoy taking trips with friends and family, i mean life is more than just sitting in front of the computer all day, especially if your part of the 5% that has made it already. But i agree, no need to brag about anything, you just might have to be that friend that pays for most things for the group, and if your making 15k, that shouldnt hurt your pockets.
  5. We have lots of friends...their names are George, Abraham, Alexander, Andrew, Ulysses, and our best friend Benjamin!

    :D :D :D
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    Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?

    Eminem "Lose Yourself"

    i suggest you to listen the song few times..i hope you never been in really deep shit,unemployed or delivering pizzas for $2-3 in hour and shit like that. or having asshole boss. i've been there and that's why i appreciate the opportunity(every single second of it). cause i know, it's not going to last forever.

    would you rather go on vacation, or sit on front of the computer and make 15K in same period of time? keep in mind that it might be your last profit. and vacation...there is a plenty of trips every single day...
    spending money is an easy part..easiest
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    Sounds like my life... In the beginning I just wanted to get "ahead", before I eventually would find regain my social life. But as time passed by, it became less and less enticing.

    I see many people lament over not having friends, but in my case my happiness increased proportionally to my decreasing amount of friends.
  8. I feel hitler


    never made 15k in one day,but when i will..sure, i`d share my luck with some of my ancient monkeys

  9. its dropping off.
    People 'in the know' selling it as they know that the GDP and Bernake stuff is all gonna be bad news??
  10. The point Bob111 is trying to make is that making a living in the market is a lot of hard work and takes a serious commitment. It is very similar to someone who starts a business. The person that commits everything to that business and works weekends, nights and whenever they can will succeed while the person who started a business so they could "make a lot of money" and "have a lot of time with their friends" will most likely fail.

    The mentality of a professional trader is far different than the want to be trader who doesn't really make consistent money and gives money to the pros. The pros are there (at their home desks or trading office) two hours before the market opens doing research and they stay two hours after the close. That is the kind of dedication this business takes. They rarely have time for their friends and other activities.

    To anyone getting into trading, if you aren't willing to live that kind of life, go get a job.
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