(do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?)

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  1. Please help

  2. Well, I scrunch, and I consider myself a profitable trader. Can a folder be a profitable trader? Are all scrunchers profitable? Don't know, let's find out.

  3. nitro



  4. I should have made this a poll. May lend itself to some trading system.
  5. I fold. I find that you get a cleaner wipe with less smearing, and by folding you actually get more on the paper than simply scrunching. Also when you fold your tp, once one side is used, you can fold it over and use the other side. You get more bang for your buck and you get done faster. I've back-tested this method over 10yrs and find this is the best way.

    Hope this helps fellow wipers out there.

  6. I scrunch 1s and 5s, but always fold 100s.
  7. I am a folder, but I have a patented wiping technique that I will share with my fellow poopers, I add just a few drops of water to the TP before wiping my bum, you get more poo/wipe and have a less irritated hiney!

    The last wipe is always a baby wipe to keep fresh.
  8. hmm thats an interesting technique. Maybe add some lotion to the paper, so you can moisturize your ass and wipe at the same time?
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    I always assumed that folding was the more proper way, but hell, I am still cashing out so I'm not going to change. First time I ever saw a folder was my wife, thought she was the only one. Very type A. My wife can't trade though.
  10. I've committed to following Sheryl Crow's 'one square regimen' - but I have noticed a marked increase in Tide usage, which undoubtedly also has environmental repercussions.
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