Do you scalp volume on IB?

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    I want to know if anyone actually scalps a number of stocks a day and a lot of entries every day on IB using hot keys (not by the mouse or mouse entires).

    My understanding is that hot keys may be configured to work on any of three windows. On a page, on the level 2, or on the Book Trader. However in my attempt to configure the order entry for trading using only hot keys, only the page is fully compatible for hot keys without using the mouse to complete an order.

    The level 2 requires the use of the mouse. For example, you can load an order by using hotkeys, but there remains two intermediate steps using the mouse. You must highlight the order line with the mouse in order to get the change size and change price hot keys to work. And last, the default order destination is Supersoes and not Smart, so you must change the destination again with the mouse to Smart. This was confirmed by CS this afternoon. (They have put in a fix request to default destination to Smart)

    The Book Trader also requires the use of the mouse. You can load the order in the Book Trader order window using hot keys. The order will also display on the page if you have previously entered that stock. But once agian you are required to move the mouse to the order line and to highlight the order in order to change the price and the size with hot keys. Fortunately, the default destination on Book Trader is Smart.

    One would conclude that in order to scalp on IB without using the the mouse, one would use only the Page, where you would highlight the stock and use the hot keys to change price, to change size, and to transmit.

    If you sclap differently on IB, any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I think u can link it with ninjatrader if you want efficiency in order entries.
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    Does Ninja trader do stocks or just futures? And why would one be required to get a third party application to correct IB's inability to use hotkeys from the Level 2?
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    Well Ib has a teriffic list of shortable stocks. I have a much more efficient and faster platform elsewhere, but the short list is severely limited.

    Any IB scalpers out there?
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    I'll bump once, as I haven't got any replies from anyone who scalps volume on IB.

    Maybe nobody scalps volume on IB.
  6. Probably too busy scalping volume to reply.

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    Good one.

  8. hey kowboy, look at a tool I use called Zeroline trader. They're made for scalping. Automatic setting of targets and stops when an entry has been made and you could easily create buttons for:

    1) Buy ask
    2) Sell bid
    3) Buy market
    4) Sell market
    5) Cancel
    6) Reverse
    7) Close

    powerful tool. Cheap, too. I think Ninja, Buttontrader, etc.. do these things, too.
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