Do you scale out of your trades?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by funky, Dec 10, 2003.

Do you scale out of your trades?

  1. Funky is right, scaling out makes all the difference!

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  2. Funky is full of shit!

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  1. funky


    i want to know how many of you scale out of your trades at predetermined targets. i just started scaling, and i can tell you that psychologically this is helping me big time.

    if you think about it, scaling out is basically a way to smooth out your equity curve. psychologically, then, this is a big plus, as you don't have to deal with as many swings.

    how many of you came to the same determination? for me, an intraday scalper, it has really done the trick.
  2. Scaling in and out definitely helped my trading. When I was trading 1 contract, trading was very limiting. I had to be right immediately and I couldn't manage my position. Now I'm trading up to 5 ES and it gives me a little freedom.

  3. ...scaling in and out is pussy. For any given strategy, there is one and only one optimum entry, stop exit, and profit exit. Any variation from that is suboptimal and makes less money. Bet the whole wad at once, and take it off all at once! (Unless your size gives you poor fills, which is another issue.)
  4. It may be "pussy" to you, but if it helps him or others psychologically, then why not?
  5. Don't know about you guys, but I like pussy... :D
  6. dbphoenix


    I agree, funky. If nothing else, it pretty much makes fear a non-issue since you don't have everything riding on one bet. Otherwise, far too much importance is attached to the ultimate exit point.
  7. Dustin


    Scaling is good because once you peel off a bit for a profit you are playing with house money and it's psycologically easier to let the rest run. I scale out of almost every trade.
  8. I think scaling out enhances stability which, in turn, increases longevity.
  9. Some of the best traders I know scale in and out of their positions.

  10. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    YES...both in and out.....makes total sense to me.
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