do you root for your trades?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Shrewd Dude, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. say you just made an entry and you're not sure yet if it's gonna be a winner, but it looks good so far, do you cheer it on?

    i do, although i'll admit it obviously does nothing. :)
  2. dgmodel

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    occassionally, howevever try to maintain unemotional regardless of profits, or losses during the trade... after is a different story...
  3. IMO, getting emotionally attached to your trades in any way leads to losses.

    Rule#1: The market is always right.
    Rule#2: When in doubt, see rule #1.

  4. prox


    not to where i'm whipping out pom poms, but naturally you'd want your trade to work.
  5. Jumping out of chair shouting "YES!!" has been my most reliable exit signal so far :)
  6. I agree it's probably good to not get emotional about trades, but I still stick to my plan, emotional or not.
  7. pspr


    When it ticks out my stop then goes my way I will give it a good tong lashing. :D
  8. I look at like pick your club, judge the conditions, factor in your objective and hit the shot.

    There's nothing to do when the ball is in the air, but a little "get close" can't hurt!

  9. when a trade goes against me ... I start to swear ...

    or at least get annoyed ... if I do this more than a few times

    in a minute ... its a good sign I should exit and take a loss