Do you recall this poem?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Jan 3, 2003.

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    Does any body know the rest of this poem......
    It circulated in my college in the early 60's

    Twas the night of the king's castration,
    And the royal ball was about to come off,

    Sitting around the table were counts,
    No accounts and discounts,
    "cow dunging" because
    "bull shitting" was unheard of in those times.........

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    Thank you so much rs7......that is it!:D :D
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    Sea Sick song. (sung to My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean)

    My stomach is in a commotion,
    The juices are mixed up you see,
    I don't want to dirty the ocean,
    So please bring a bucket to me....

    Come up, Come up....
    O come up my dinner come up, come up...
    Come up, come up.... my dinner come up

    I'm coming, I'm coming
    for my head is bending low
    I hear those gastric juices calling...

    Hasten Jason, bring the basin...
    Urp, slop......bring the mop.

    Bob sings this to me every time I get sea sick.
    This and the Gilligan's Island song.

    :D :D
  5. I don't want to get old :(
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    There is an alternative......but it sucks!

    Age is a state of mind, Bob is about 6:D

  7. I kissed a 46 year old chick at the bar tonight. I rock!
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    you sure it wasn't a s/he?
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    What's scarier is thirty years from now you'll probably be posting something like:

    "Does anyone remember that rap song that begins with...

    From the crap tables down in A.C.
    back on the block Jay-Z motherfucker from the, the, the Roc
    Went solo on that ass but it's still the same
    Brooklyn be the place where I serve them thangs

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