Do You Really Trust Cnbc?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by eagle488, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. How many times have you heard guys on CNBC make calls on what they think the market is doing and then they end up dead wrong?
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    not dead wrong, just slow
  3. CNBC is a hack of a cheerleader for the brokerage houses.

    Buy more stock!
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    read crooked cramer's 147k word applies to the whole pt barnum social experiment of a "network"
  5. Very slow!
  6. Ditto! That network has nothing but street hustlers / empty suits trying to make a name for themselves or paper trading journalists playing "analysts". You don't need that nonsense for your trading.

    BTW, I bet they'll put their party hats on when DJIA approaches all-time high.
  7. Guys,

    They are reporters!

    Ever notice how the WSJ always has a 'reason' why the markets move, which they post after the fact? Their job is to find a credible answer to movement each day. These guys don't know shit.

    Just once, I'd love to see the WSJ or CNBC say:

    "Equity markets were up strongly today due to an oversold situation. and VERY motivated buyers. Yes, there was a slew of reports out today, but the real reason..."
  8. I only watch it for the pretty girls. It IS entertainment after all.
    There is a bit of comedy whenever some moron gets on and says Gold will hit US$5,000
    Just enjoy it
  9. Too many sound effects, stupid commercials, stories best left for Oprah, ad nauseum.
  10. I find Becky Quick very attractive. In Australia we also get Amanda Drury doing the Asian Squawk Box segment.....HOT BABE!
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