Do you really need indicators?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Torge, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. Torge


    My question is,do you need indicators for successful trading,or just price and volume, what is your opinion.

    Tape reading ,does is mean "reading" times and sales?

    Thank you
  2. sabena


    just price and volume.....
  3. sabena


    and "yes" on the last one....
  4. schons


    tape reading is the key to successful trading.... plain and simple. IMO, Technical analysis doesn't work long term
  5. Tea


    Bones.......just throw the bones
  6. sabena


    it depends what you understand under

  7. schons


    Breakouts only work because they're so popular.... when a moving averages cross, indicating a buy signal, then everyone buys.... and what happens when everyone buys? hmmm....... my tape reading would suggest that it's probably going up.
  8. I read a post here by someone about indicators and chart reading, and now I cannot find it. It was very eloquent. Did it get deleted? Am I drinking too much already today?
  9. Tea


    I think it was deleted by the monitors due to using foul language.

    Someone used the word butt or nipple or something....

  10. gms


    My post is missing. I made an analogy between indicators and thermometers and temperature and price. I didn't use the word 'analogy' at the time... so i don't know what part of what word the censor program might have found offensive.
    #10     Jun 19, 2003