Do you really make Money Trading?

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  1. Please be 100% honest in this thread. Are you successfully making your living trading? Is trading your ONLY source of income?

    I wonder, how so many people on ET talk talk talk, but how many TRULY are making a living from trading alone(only source of income.)
  2. I feel a lot of people on ET are bluffing and telling bs when they "claim to have made x amount in markets" I don't know why, I Just get that feeeeling...
  3. 6 figures every year since 2001 (equities)
  4. 2006



    ES Futures -- Only traded the morning.

    I'm trading small size. There are guys who sling 100-500 contracts. It takes time BNB, be patient trade small.
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  5. I think he meant in the real world.. not fairyland
  6. The problem with you is, you arent patient enough. You think learning how to trade successfully is an overnight thing. I can tell you, it takes YEARS. You need to understand and accept the fact that probably 100's and 1000's of hours of your own time will have to go into it first. Like I've read before which i agree totally with, trading is simple HOWEVER the path to get there is very bumpy. You have to see what doesnt work to find out what does. Trial and error. Thats why I kept saying to STOP TRADING and just evaluate. No way to lose but you can get invaluable experience which builds your knowledge base.

  7. Dont be vindictive, just b/c I called you out as being Trader28 AGAIN and you were banished to chit chat AGAIN.

  8. And you were wrong again.. boy did you go quiet when I asked if you caught that short :p
  9. how many lots?
  10. Who cares. If you cant make money w/ 1 lot then you cant make money w/ 5, 10, 50 500 etc.

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